Autumn Bucket List

Autumn is (by far) my favourite season and, according to a poll which I recently and informally held on Instagram, a lot of my viewers share these sentiments. Surrounded by crisp blue skies, the warmth of a bonfire and the drifting warmth of a pumpkin pie, I think it is impossible not to get caught up in the coziness and beauty which is just signature to Autumn. However, having said this, by the time that December comes around, I often feel as though I haven't had a chance to do everything Autumnal which I had been hoping to do. The season just seems to go remarkably fast... Before we know it, we'll be exchanging our pumpkin candles for fir tree (which is still lovely but not comparable!!). Thence, I wanted to share an Autumn Bucket List with you. My intention is that we can all make our way through this list, sharing our experiences with others by using the hashtag #OurPumpkin. If you complete something from this list, you can use the tag on Instagram or Twitter (or maybe even share it via a YouTube video!) to share a photo or a written commentary. Not only will you feel more autumnal and cozy yourself but you can help others to embrace the beauty of this season too. I will be tracking and sharing my progress on this list so do follow me on Instagram (@_rubygranger) if you are interested to see what I get up to this autumn. I will also be looking at all posts which are tagged with #OurPumpkin so I look forward to seeing what you get up to...

Below, you can find the complete Bucket List. I will also be designing and uploading a printable document which you can keep a hard copy of if you would like. Do let me know what you think of this idea in the comments section because I was really keen to bring us all together this autumn and thought that this might be the perfect way to do this! Also, let me know if you have any suggestions to add to this list -- after all, it is OUR pumpkin ;)


  • Study when it’s raining outside.

  • Eat something pumpkin flavoured.

  • Re-read Harry Potter Hallowe’en passages

  • Make pumpkin pie

  • Carve a pumpkin

  • Dress up for Hallowe’en

  • Read a Hygge Self-Help book

  • Drink hot chocolate

  • Buy or make a candle

  • Go to a corn maze

  • Invite friends over to watch a film

  • Try a new autumnal snack

  • Make a list of the things which you are thankful for

  • Curl up under blankets to read

  • Make your own paper or parchment

  • Write a letter to somebody

  • Roast marshmallows with friends or family

  • Go on a walk on a crisp autumn morning

  • Make or eat caramel apples

  • Read an autumn-edition home magazine and cut out your favourite pictures to make a mood board. If this fails, make a board on Pintrest.

  • Take a photo of yourself in your favourite autumn jumper

  • Try and draw something autumnal