About Us

The Formation of Pumpkin Productivity

Pumpkin Productivity launched in August 2017 with just one headliner product: the Original Study Planner. Designed with 14-18 year olds in mind, the Study Planner was made to help students keep track of their study sessions and do their very best in school. Since then, four other paper planners have been released (known as The Pumpkin Papers), all of which embody this same goal of helping students be the very best versions of themselves. 

In August 2019, Pumpkin Productivity went onto launch its first headliner product: The Kindness Journal. The Kindness Journal considers productivity from a different angle and focuses on the value and power of our actions. All products aim to embody and aid a productive and wholesome lifestyle with roots in strong relationships, cosiness and hard work. At Pumpkin Productivity we want to help you achieve your full potential, whilst not letting you lose sight of the person you are.


The Creator

My name is Ruby, I'm nineteen years old and currently studying Philosophy and Theology at the University of Exeter. For nearly five years now, I have posted regular content on my YouTube channel 'Ruby Granger', focusing on the promotion of a productive, wholesome and intentional lifestyle which has become known as the #GrangerLifestyle. I seek to provide advice, motivation and company for all those seeking a life focused on these three core values - and providing this advice has quickly become one of the (if not the) most rewarding things to which I've ever committed myself. The positive feedback, and especially the real life experiences which others share, humbles me everyday and I am continually grateful for people's support online.

Through vlogs and sit-down videos, I hope to help people become the best versions of themselves and embrace, with self-confidence and positivity, the people that they are. This idea lies in line with #CanBeKind, a campaign which I launched in November 2018 to raise awareness of anti-bullying, the value of kindness, and the importance of embracing those things which make you different.