The Yearly Planner 2023

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We lead with kindness. To our customers, to our colleagues and to ourselves. We believe that no matter what else is happening, we can be kind.

Being productive can feel enlightening, especially when you're completing things that will help you get to where you want to be. We cherish the success of our customers and aim to support it by giving them tools to become more productive every day.

Our actions start from a place of thoughtfulness. Our products may look beautiful, but more importantly, they are designed with careful thought for what value they bring.

dear friend,

I designed the Pumpkin Productivity products after years of tweaking my own planning and organisation systems. These planners are printed & polished versions of the planning sheets and spreads I've been creating for myself the whole way through my education. These planners are not boring or samey, but (I hope) unique - and I hope that they help you to reach your goals.