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Productivity Planner

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This new twist on the Original Daily Study Planner can be used for more than just planning study sessions. Rather, you can use it to plan your day more generally.

The five options when colour coding tasks (Work, Health, Chores, Social and Other) aim to help you juggle all key elements of your lifestyle. There is space to document Key Events, Tomorrow’s Tasks and Reminders so that you do not forget the most important things you need to get done.

As with the original planner, this product also features a to do list and timetable maker.

The pdf Pumpkin Papers are for those seasoned digital note takers who prefer to do everything on a screen. It can be super useful to have downloaded on your tablet or phone. Write out your plan in the morning, add to it during the day and then clear the file in the evening -- ready for tomorrow. Alternately, you can go old school: print it yourself at home and use as you would any other physical planner.

The pdf Pumpkin Papers are such a handy study companion to have :)

This is a digital download, not a physical product.